Hcg update

I had another blood draw this morning to check my Hcg level. Tuesday it was 365 and today it had more than doubled and is at 799!

I have one more blood draw on Monday and then we will schedule our first ultrasound!!!

This is so exciting! We are so happy and beyond blessed that our long journey has finally brought us to this point. God is good!


The results are in…


We are finally expecting a beautiful miracle 6 and half years in the making.  We are over the moon with happiness and joy.  My husband and I cannot even contain ourselves. 

We had our beta yesterday morning and I decided to have my husband receive the call.  The nurse called him at about 12pm and said “Congratulations, you’re going to be a father!”.  Our beta number was 365!   I had made him promise not to tell me the results until we both were home from work that evening. (that was a mistake as it made for the LONGEST days of my life!).  He came home and I was lying in bed feeling so sad that it was going to be bad news.  He walked upstairs to the bed room and laid down next to me.  He said “are you ready? do you want to know?” then he handed me an envelope.  I opened it up and it was a card with a newborn baby on the front, of course instantly I knew it meant we were pregnant.  I just burst out in tears not even being able to fully believe it!  We told my parents and his parents last night, and I told my sister this morning…other than that we plan to keep it hush hush for a few more weeks. 

Our due date is around April 26, 2013.  

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!  They worked!  Now we just have to keep praying that our baby bean stays strong and healthy!  We have our next appointment tomorrow, so hopefully everything will be looking good!   

Above everything else, I just thank God so much for finally answering our prayers.  I have had so many emotions from happiness to frustration to anger with God throughout this entire journey…but my faith has been restored and I know that He is and has been in control this entire time. 

We are now 5 days from our beta on Tuesday, and I am starting to get very nervous.  I’m not really having any feelings that I’m pregnant, besides needing to pee 20 times a day.  I think 6+ years of disappointments are making it difficult for me to believe that there is any chance that i’m pregnant.  I’m just trying my hardest to remain positive through the next few days. 

I still believe that God is a God of miracles, and right now I am praying so hard that He finally blesses my husband and I with the miracle we have been praying for for so long.  I’m pretty sure that I will just about pass out if we get our long awaited BFP…I can’t even comprehend what that must feel like. 


We had one beautiful embryo transferred on Wednesday afternoon. It went very well and now I am on bed rest til tomorrow morning. My husband has been amazing with getting me everything I need.

We had 2 more great embryos that were able to be frozen and possibly will have one or two more ready in the next day or so. So that is good news!


Day 3 Update

My doctor called this morning and told us that all 7 of our embies are looking great!  Since they are doing so well they have moved us to a 5 day transfer, which will be on Wednesday.   I’m almost in tears that all of our little beans are still staying so strong for us.

Day 2 Update!

So we have 7 embies that are still dividing well and growing strong!   As of right now our transfer is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:00pm.  Of course we could get a call in the morning that we have been moved to a 5 day transfer on Wednesday.  I can’t believe how close we are now to having one or two of our little beans transferred to where they belong.  This is so exciting and after almost 7 years of TTC it’s the closest that we have ever been to a baby being a reality for us.  I will update tomorrow regarding our transfer.

We had our egg retrieval today and everything went great! They retrieved a total of 20 eggs, which is fantastic! I’m home and have been resting since about 3:30pm. I’m having some minor cramping and I feel very bloated. My arm also hurts from the IV. While I was there it got very bruised and swollen where they inserted the needle. My poor arm looks like it went through more than my lady parts did! Lol

Overall I feel pretty good and I’m just praying that we get a call that several of the eggs fertilized. Our transfer should wind up being Monday or Wednesday depending on if we have a 3 or 5 day transfer.

I begin Estrace tonight and vaginal progesterone inserts tomorrow morning.

I’m so happy to have the ER over with and now we can focus on our soon to be precious little embies!

Praying that God will allow those eggs to fertilize as I don’t believe it can happen with out it being His will.

Thank you all for your thoughts!!! I’ll update again once we hear from the lab tomorrow afternoon.